Extraer los datos más importantes, analizarlos en tiempo real, y ofrecer soluciones en el momento adecuado a partir de ellos se vuelve vital para poder ofrecer al cliente la máxima rentabilidad operativa y financiera.

La movilidad en empresas es un campo repleto de cambios y novedades y hoy desde Eccocar queremos hablarte de la gestión de datos. ¡Descúbrelo!

Telematics is a great ally for your companies fleet. Offering an improved use of resources and helping to achieve greater results, such as better visibility of your vehicles, fuel efficiency, help with maintenance...

Eccocar has a fleet management system that will help you improve the efficiency of your vehicles to obtain a wide variety of benefits. Find out!

¿No sabes qué es la conducción autónoma o sientes interés en conocer más sobre ella? ¡No te pierdas el nuevo post de Eccocar!

Artificial intelligence, automation or the Internet of Things is a revolution in the way we work and even live. But are companies prepared for it? And what about sustainable mobility? Find out everything about the subject with Eccocar!

Zoox, a self-driving car company that Amazon bought in June, has finally revealed its robotaxi after six years of gnarly prototypes and secrecy.

Volkswagen says it’s made a prototype of the electric vehicle charging robot concept it first showed off in proof-of-concept form in late 2019, and that it plans to keep developing the idea.

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