Shared Mobility for your
company's fleet

The tool you were looking for to reach the exact number of vehicles you need...
No More, No Less

Unleash the potential of your fleet

We help you reduce your company's mobility costs and carbon footprint of your fleet by optimizing the number of vehicles, taxi costs and fuel consumption.

Shared Mobility App

Access to the designated internal fleet, rent-a-cars and taxis.
All from the same App.


We generate a system that will allow your company's fleet manager to confidently manage the internal mobility of your employees and make reservations through a web and mobile platform.

Management of Large Fleets

Adapt the platform according to your preferences

Create Hierarchies

You can centralize or decentralize functions according to your preferences by creating different levels of fleet management.
Each level will have its own local and global analytical codes.

Generate visualisation groups to define which employee has
access to which vehicle.


We offer a wide range of connected vehicle services that transform traditional fleets into digital ones by providing access to the vehicle through the Smartphone App and NFC cards.

Everything Under Control

With our platform, you will have real time data, the ability to create
alerts and an automation engine.
We take your business to the Next Level.


Receive alerts when important events occur.

You define what is important. You define how you want to be notified.


Detailed reports on fleet usage and mobility costs.

360° Electric Vehicle

Sustainable Mobility is the PRESENT

Considering renewing your vehicle fleet towards an electric one?
We accompany you entirely in that transition.
Say goodbye to Range Anxiety.

Our technology enables the launching of enterprise Fleetsharing services,

which increase the efficiency of your fleet, the usage of your vehicles and the access

of employees to the corporate fleet

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