Mobilize The City

Urban mobility is changing at a fast pace and new business opportunities are emerging

Be the hero of your city, mobilize it in a sustainable way

With our platform, launch your shared mobility service in less than 6 weeks.


Choose the most suitable vehicles for your city, we will integrate them into the platform.


Our App allows for different
types of vehicles that your
customers can choose from.
With eccocar you can launch a 360° service, tailored to the needs of your city and your clients.


It is the future of mobility.
With our platform you will be able to offer all the solutions your customers need with both rental experiences.


They are one of the most in demand vehicles by customers.
Practical for finding parking spots, travelling long distances, they're fast on the road, and they move through the narrowest streets.


Electric bikes are starting to take center stage. Most large European cities have in place a fleet within their transportation system.

This is because it is an easy-to-use vehicle that also allows a unique balance between mobility and exercise.


Micromobility is on the rise.
More and more people in city centers are using more practical and user-friendly vehicles to get around.

A smaller investment than other vehicles, but with similar returns.


With our experience
we help you find the model that best fits your city.


Base2Base: With Parkings.

Round-trip rentals to predefined parking lots.


Free Floating.

Rentals per minute in predefined areas. With our multi-geofence concept, you can reach where others cannot.

360° Management

You will be able to configure all the functionalities you need and offer the best user experience during the whole rental process.

White Label App

We will build you an app customised with your logo and corporate colors, in a matter of weeks.


Customers can carry out the biometric registration process by real-time uploads of their documents: ID card, driving license and passport.


Ability to make all payments for the deposit, the extras and the reservation.

Vehicle Key

Ability to unlock and lock the vehicle as well as unblock the engine


Ability to see the vehicles or groups available on the selected dates and make a reservation.


The clients will be able to see the history of damages and confirm them when the reservation begins.
New damages can be reported at any time during the reservation.
Damage reports can be accessed at any time.

Achieve operational efficiency by automating processes with our administrator panel, designed to optimize electric, connected and shared mobility.

Metrics Towards Efficiency

Benefit from real-time generated data.
Take your business to the next level.


Optimize the efficiency of your fleet with real-time data, mathematical models and detailed reports


Receive customizable alerts.

You define what is important. You define how you want to be notified.

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