Does telematics work in small vehicle fleets?

The implementation of this technology in today's vehicle fleets may lead the market in the near future

April 28, 2023

Does telematics work in small vehicle fleets?

Nowadays, the use of telematics technology is very popular. In Europe alone there are more than 7 million vehicles that incorporate this competition. But that's not all, because in two years the figure is expected to reach 15 million. Therefore, the implementation of this technology in today's vehicle fleets may lead the market in the near future.

What is telematics and how does it work in a fleet of vehicles?

First, let's define the concept. In addition to a very current term, telematics consists of emerging technology that collects data from vehicles. Among the most notable we could say their location in real time or the way they are driven. All this information will be sent in real time to the fleet managers, in charge of everything related to its use.

Therefore, telematics in a vehicle fleet is an essential tool for managing and monitoring operations, offering numerous benefits for the company.

The role of small businesses in telematics

From Eccocar we believe that small companies or brands will lead this digital transformation in relation to their vehicle fleet. What is this about? To a need to maximize the efforts of your team and vehicles, taking a step forward in your business.

For this reason, telematics is a great ally for small companies, as it offers a better use of resources, achieving greater results.

Main benefits of telematics in small vehicle fleets

Better visibility of your vehicles. As we have mentioned previously, this technology is a great ally to have a complete vision of a fleet almost in real time. This will help to correctly analyze daily operations and act quickly in the event of any incident.

Make the most of the working day. Thanks to technology, you will be aware of the progress and performance of the team during their working hours. In this way, you will not only be allowed to take stock of the resources you have and how they have been used, but also how to be more efficient.

Fuel efficiency. Monitor your consumption to recognize the areas of less competitiveness and look for methods for your drivers to improve their driving style if necessary.

Help the maintenance of your vehicles. Scheduling this preventive maintenance in your fleet is essential to drive safely and keep your cars on the road for longer, obtaining greater profitability. You will also avoid major repairs and time for your business to remain fully operational.

In conclusion, telematics is not just another tool, it is an essential requirement for your fleet. At Eccocar we know this very well, which is why we offer its installation in our services. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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