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What does fleet management consist of?

April 28, 2023

Nowadays companies are very aware of the contribution of technology in helping to efficiently manage their vehicle fleet. The information provided by this method facilitates work and improves performance and efficiency. At Eccocar we know it very well, this is the reason why we want to discover our fleet management system. Do not miss our new post!

What does fleet management consist of?

The primary goal of fleet management is to monitor all vehicle performance and vehicle movement to increase productivity and help run the business smoothly.

Fleet managers are the predominant figure in this area, being in charge of fleet operations and with responsibilities which include fleet maintenance, consumption and cost supervision, among others.

As a general rule, these companies use vehicle telematics or fleet management software as is the case with Eccocar. In this way, efficiency is increased andoperating costs are reduced.

What are the challenges of a fleet manager?

Driver safety. Without a doubt, the first challenge for these professionals is guaranteeing safe behaviour by the driver. It can be difficult, especially when managers are hundreds of miles from the moving vehicle. However, there are many tools that provide this type of data.

Correct follow-up. A fleet manager must know exactly where to find the vehicles at all times to fulfil the previous point, Therefore, it is necessary to have GPS tracking systems.

To reduce costs. Whether through fuel or operating costs, fleet managers have to identify and eliminate any unnecessary expenses making it more profitable and efficient.

Why should you trust in Eccocar services?

As we've seen before, managing a fleet of vehicles can be challenging regardless of fleet size. For this reason, more than 75% of fleet managers trust software focused on this area as indicated by the annual Government Fleet Benchmarking Survey.

For our part, at Eccocar we have a fleet management system that helps to comply with all the previous sections: improving the efficiency, safety and quality of services thanks to sensors and software connected to the Internet. If you are interested in the subject, do not hesitate to contact us. We'll give you a free demo and trial today!

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