Spain is a reference in shared mobility in Europe

What is the reason for the increase in shared mobility in our country?

April 28, 2023

Spain is one of those outstanding students in promoting a more ecological and balanced driving in its cities.

What is the reason for the increase in shared mobility in our country?

Itis an undeniable fact that we are facing a constantly changing mobility. We can see it in the many services that have appeared over the years. And, of course, within this constantly evolving panorama, user sare also forced to evolve, modifying their transport habits.

In this sense, many Spaniards have decided to substitute their private vehicle forother alternatives such as shared car or public transport, among others. Market studies show that 55% of the subjects who opt for these alternatives do so for a matter of financial savings although the motivations may have a different origin.

Onthe other hand, shared mobility in Spain would increase by 25% because it is considered a more ecological option, compared to 22% of users who think they have obtained benefits in terms offreedom of movement within large cities. Here it is increasingly difficult to access your own car.

Is the future a fusion between these new services and public transport?

As we can see, the value of the private car is losing compared to public transport, complemented by shared mobility services for both companies and communities or private use.

Therefore, it is only necessary for our public transport system to continue to develop favorably along with the growing demands of citizens towards more effective, efficient and ecological mobility. Undoubtedly, these new services act as a key to reduce the number of polluting emissions in urban centers.

For example, Madrid has attracted mobility companies of all kinds in recent years with more than 20,000 electrified shared vehicles, among which are cars, bicycles, scooters and motorcycles.

As you can see, mobility has changed rapidly in recent years, and at Eccocar we want to support this ecological growth with our services. If you are interested in a more sustainable and healthy driving, do not hesitate to contact us. We will develop a model adapted to your needs!

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