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Carsharing services´ importance for a company

April 28, 2023

Obviously, if your company or brand does not exist in the minds of your consumers, you don´t exist either. This is the reason why it´s essential to take care of your corporate image. The main objective is to ensure that your potential clients remember you present. It will result in a positive image of your business. This is where carsharing services comes in. Do you want to know how this service influences in your company? Keep reading and find out!

Carsharing services´ importance for acompany

Carsharing is a concept that is gaining more and more followers. Its services are based on sharing the same car among several users through short-term rentals. In a corporate vision, it is based on the same principle but only for employees of a certain company. These vehicles are offered on loan through an application, which manages their use. In some cases, it´s based on credits that employees redeem for minutes of use.

Corporate carsharing is presented as an alternative to services such as taxi, short-termcar rental and even the professional use of a private vehicle.

How does the image of your company improve?

We could distinguish two levels, those benefits that can be nurtured by your workers and those that can be perceived from an outside view by potential customers.

The motivation of employees through an exclusive fleet for professional and private use. Your workers don´t need to advance money or use their own vehicle to carry out the procedures related to their position. Your fleet is covered with the highest level of service. In addition, they access vehicles at a very attractive price paying only for their use without fixed costs.

The concern for the environment. Here comes the external factor. In Spain, the reports of activities of large companies based on this business model have collected in recent years interesting data for the protection of the environment. In all of them it is reflected that the CO2 emission has been considerably reduced thanks to this type of services. Amazing!

Other benefits for the Company

Another advantage is that the entrepreneur has total control and management of the fleet and will be able to review the number of uses, consumption, billing and also the allocation of costs per client project. Through an online platform, you can carry out efficient and adequate management of the vehicle fleet.

Therefore, this new service model becomes a magnificent solution for both employees, who achieve a greater degree of satisfaction and a more sustainable option tomobility problems in large cities.

These are data that can make the difference between the success or failure of a business. Remember that your image is the most important thing for consumers, give them reasons to keep you in mind. You can count on Eccocar!

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