• The perfect combination for the digital mobility of the future.

  • From today, you can benefit from the power of Geotab’s fleet management + Eccocar’s SHARE AND RENT mobile experience with the perfect combination for the digital mobility of the future.
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  • Keyless reservations and rentals
  • Go beyond and make your fleet digitally accesible
  • Whether you are looking for a solution to launch your free floating project or digitalizing your round trip experience of your rental agency, dealership or corporate, you have come to the right place.

    In Eccocar we have the best white label experience for your users in the market.

    SHARE them, RENT them or do both of them at the same time. As flexible as it could be.
  • Safer rentals
  • Invite your customers to download the APP. Avoid unnecessary waiting and increase their loyalty.
  • Offer safer rentals. Now more than ever, customers want to access the car without waiting or being within crowds
  • Know more
  • New to the GEOTAB world? No problem, we can guide you
  • Whether you are new or already know the GEOTAB solutions
  • Eccocar offers the Geotab's Fleet management platform and gives you the ability of launch your shared mobility services you always wished for.
  • Already a GEOTAB customer?
    This is Fleet Management 2.0
  • Go one step further
  • Eccocar complements the GEOTAB platform and adds the extra step you were looking for, proactively acting on the car unlocking and locking the doors and recognizing at any time who is using the vehicles of our fleet.
  • For any occasion, one solution
  • Access to any vehicle combined with GEOTAB's Fleet management
  • Customize your locations
  • Rentals per minute in predefined areas. With our multi-geofence concept, you can reach where others cannot.
  • Monetize your vehicles
  • Round-trip rentals to predefined parking lots.
  • All the info you need to operate
  • Optimize the efficiency of your fleet with real-time data, mathematical models and detailed reports
  • Don't get left behind in the digital revolution.

  • Contact us and we will help you in the connected car and mobile channel strategy.

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