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How does it work?

Status Quo

Do you have underutilised vehicles? Do you want to reduce the number of rental cars?

1. Installation. Compatible with any vehicle

Our team takes care of installing our ecconnect® system in your fleet and connects your vehicles to the cloud in a few days.

2. Setting up parameters

We generate a platform with your parameters, preferences and brand image.

3. Ready! You can now launch the Car Sharing service

Authorised users can reserve and access vehicles with their smartphone.

4. Optimise

With the dashboard and Business Intelligence, you can manage and explore all the data in real time, get the most of your fleet and generate more complete reports with just one click.

What makes us different

We make your life easier

Employees can access vehicles via webpage or app in just a few seconds, with just their smartphone..

Admins have all control and information of usage of those vehicles. Locations, consumption, bookings, maintenance, etc.

Enjoy using our platform

Clean and intuitive design, adapted to your brand image; with many services of great value: e.g. where did I park my car?

Brand new electric transportation services

We do not work exclusively with existing fleets, we provide electric vehicles and all the infrastructure you need to launch an electric Car Sharing service in all your offices.

You will reduce transportation costs (taxis, renting) and improve your brand image!

But I have something special!

Do not worry. Our expert team will accompany you throughout the process, from planning to start-up and operation of the platform.

If you have viability questions, we offer you a free consultation.

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